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Melt and pour soap making for beginners Learn How to Make Soap!


STEP 1: Prepare Your Supplies and Work Space

STEP 2: Measure Fragrance Oil Amount

Measuring fragrance oil on a scale for soap making

STEP 3: Prepare Soap Base

Taring a scale to weigh melt and pour soap base
Cutting melt and pour soap base for soap making
Weighing cubes of melt and pour soap base

STEP 4: Melt Soap Base

Melting soap cubes in microwave

STEP 5: Add Dye

Adding soap dye into melt and pour soap for soap making

STEP 6: Add Fragrance

Adding fragrance oil into melted soap base

STEP 7: Pour Soap Base Into Molds

Pouring soap into bases for soap making

STEP 8: Allow the Soap to Cool

STEP 9: Clean Up

STEP 10: Unmold Soap Bars

Removing melt and pour soap from soap mold

STEP 11: Package and Label or Enjoy Now

Shrink wrapping soap bar made with melt and pour soap base
Shrink wrap handmade soap bar
Adding a label to a handmade soap bar