Kids Gummy Vitamins
Kids Gummy Vitamins

Kids Gummy Vitamins

So delicious, your kids will want to take them.

What are kids’ gummy vitamins and supplements?

Nature Made® Kids First® gummy vitamins are an easy, delicious way to help support your child’s overall wellness. Choose from our variety of children’s vitamin gummies like vitamin C gummies for kids, vitamin D gummies for kids, or kids multivitamin gummies. Or find support for their specific needs from sleep to digestive health. With a range of quality options in delicious natural fruit flavors, Kids First® gummies are sure to be a home run with both you and your little ones.†

Who should take kid’s vitamin gummies and supplements?

Nature Made® Kids First® gummies are formulated for children ages 4 and up.

What are children’s gummy vitamins and supplements good for?

Nature Made® Kids First® gummies help you support your child’s overall wellness. From daily nutritional support to specific needs, you’ll find high-quality supplements to support your child’s overall wellbeing and more.†

Nature Made® Kids First® Gummy Vitamins & Supplements for Children Ages 4-18

We get it. It can feel impossible to get your little ones to eat their veggies. Now with our selection of kids gummies, it's never been easier to give your children a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals in a chewable supplement like our Kids First Multivitamin and Kids First Vitamin D. And since our kids gummy vitamins, minerals, and supplements come in delicious flavors, even the pickiest eater will crave these yummy bites!

At Nature Made, we've created a number of different kids chewable vitamins, minerals, and supplements that not only taste great, but are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Even if you feed your child a balanced diet, they still may have nutritional gaps that can hinder their overall wellbeing. With our children’s gummy vitamins, minerals, and supplements, you can have confidence knowing that your child is getting the nutrients they need on a daily basis.

Adding Kids Gummies to Their Daily Routine

If you're looking for a dietary supplement that supports your little one’s immune system, consider our Kids First Elderberry with Vitamin C and Zinc or Kids First Vitamin C Gummies, which taste great. Parents love how these chewable vitamins are made with high quality ingredients, while kids crave the tasty fruit flavor that these gummies provide. Shop our selection of kids chewable vitamins today to improve your child’s nutrition in a fun and tasty way.

And gummy vitamins aren't just for kids! Check out our selection of adult gummies as well.